At Swick Mining Services we strive to be the principal provider of drilling services to customers who share our commitment to maintaining best practice safety standards, quality and excellence. We resolutely believe that people are our most important asset. In all of our operations we sustain a culture where safety is our prime value that cannot be compromised. This commitment to safety is shown by all individuals at all levels through their involvement, actions, attitude, consistency and energy. Our core safety objective is to achieve an injury free workplace. We are achieving this through a planned, systematic and measurable approach to safety, injury prevention and hazard management, striving for continuous improvement at all levels of our operations. We maintain our safety performance by:

  • Recognising that teamwork and collaboration is integral to the success of the safety system and involving our employees in the decision making process through regular communication and consultation.
  • Ensuring that leaders at all levels reflect the pro active safety culture of our company at all times.
  • Supporting our leaders and Supervisors, recognising them as essential vehicles for continuous improvement and making them accountable for driving the safety system and maintaining high safety standards within their teams.
  • Taking a proactive approach to incident prevention by measuring performance, utilising effective lead indicators, self-monitoring and independent audits to determine when and where improvement is needed.
  • Ensuring all plant and equipment is purchased or designed, constructed, commissioned, operated and maintained to ensure the safety of our people.
  • Clearly defining, documenting and raising awareness of hazards and risks in the workplace and implementing control measures promptly and appropriately with respect given to the risk management hierarchy of controls.
  • Focusing on the elimination of systems of work that involve high levels of exposure to gravitational, human and vehicular energy sources.
  • Implementing Safe Work Procedures for all moderate to extreme risk tasks and working continually to ensure consistent compliance with these procedures.
  • Encouraging personnel to report all incidents, near misses and hazards to enable analysis of this information so that all practical measures can be taken to prevent recurrence across all projects within the organisation.
  • Meeting, if not exceeding, all relevant legal requirements including safety laws, regulations, industry standards, codes and statutory licences.
  • Ensuring that employees who are injured or become ill as a consequence of their work are provided with best practice and expert medical treatment, care and support for their effective rehabilitation and early return to work.
  • Recruiting and providing training to staff ensure that all staff have the skills and knowledge to do all aspects of their job competently and safety.

Above all else, we recognise that excellence in safety is the cornerstone of our business success.