Swick is committed to the maintenance of a best practice, industry leading training and development programs. Our aim is to provide effective competency based training to both our Operations staff and our support services in order to establish a well-trained, skilled and conscientious team with a focus on safety, quality and production. Swick recognizes that our employees are our greatest asset and that helping employees to develop is critical to the achievement of the company's goals.

The Swick Group has an experienced Support Services department with full time Safety and Project Implementation Technical Trainers (PITT) teams. These teams are a fantastic investment into our people and systems to ensure safe productivity at all times.

Swick has developed an award winning state of the art induction and training system incorporating the latest multi-media, interactive and hands on practical training concepts.

Swick is partnered with a registered training organization and through this alliance delivers the National Certificate in Mineral Drilling Exploration RII20913 as a starting point. Currently Swick is supporting over 100 trainees to complete this formal recognition of their technical drilling skills. Swick provides a defined path through accredited courses and in-house run programs to ensure employees grow to become leaders in their field.

Swick's experienced site-based Safety and PITT Coordinators, work in close collaboration with Site Supervisors to ensure that all drilling skills are constantly reviewed and maintained at the highest possible level. Comprehensive innovative Safe Work and Operating procedures are available for all tasks and these procedures are continually reviewed and updated in collaboration with our staff and clients.

In line with continuous improvement strategies a regular training needs analysis is conducted in order to identify staff training needs both in Operational and Support services departments.