Swick Mining Services is a market leader in the provision of underground diamond drilling services through the introduction of the award winning Swick Mobile Diamond Drill, an innovative, highly mobile jumbo mounted underground diamond drill rig that sets industry benchmarks for productivity, safety, value and versatility.

The Swick Mobile Diamond Drill was developed by Swick Mining Services to provide a fully integrated mobile drilling solution to overcome the design limitations of existing rig configurations. Swick Mining Services was the first drilling contractor in Australia to successfully achieve the widespread commercialisation of a mobile underground diamond drill rig. The innovative design offers unparalleled mobility.

The ability of the Swick Mobile Diamond Drill to deliver superior productivity and versatility provides excellent value to clients, reducing underground logistical support and management, non-drilling charges and the number of rigs and personnel required on site, which in turn reduces supervision, flight and accommodation requirements.

To inquire about our underground diamond drilling services, please email business.development@swickmining.com