Maintenance Jobs

If you’re looking for a maintenance job with Swick Mining Services, you have struck gold. Join our professional team of workers keeping our machinery operating in mint condition.

These critical roles keeps the entire mine running and there is room for growth and career development. So, if you’re interested in a maintenance position, here’s what you should know about these important jobs with Swick.

What Does Maintenance Involve?

As our rigs become more extensive and advanced, there is an urgency to keep the equipment from breaking down.

However, maintenance isn’t just about fixing breakdowns. These essential roles also involve preventative measures to catch those impending breaks before disaster strikes.

If you want to join our maintenance team, your daily job requirements may include:

  • Mobile plant maintenance
  • Improving the reliability of machinery
  • Electrical and mechanical maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Facilities maintenance

What Work Is Available If You Have Experience In The Mining Industry?

If you have any experience in the mining industry, we have plenty of roles available to qualifying job seekers.

Some of the best jobs, with the most exciting benefits, are:

Plant and Vehicle Mechanics

We are always on the lookout for qualified diesel mechanics, truck tire fitters, and even light vehicle mechanics to help keep our operations running smoothly.

So, if you’ve got any experience in these fields, you can get a diverse selection of maintenance work at our site locations.

Mining Electricians

As more machinery and plants become computerised, there is an increased demand for qualified electricians and electrical engineers.

These candidates generally need to install plants and perform regular maintenance to keep them in good working order.


Another aspect of keeping a mine running smoothly involves trades, such as carpenters and even construction workers.

If you have any experience in these fields and you would like more information, we encourage you to apply for a position in our organisation.

What To Know When Applying For A Maintenance Role

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when applying for a maintenance role. So, to become a successful candidate and launch your career as a permanent mining professional with Swick Mining Services, here are the essential skills you’ll need:

Physical Fitness

As a maintenance professional, whether your job is to optimise the plant or repair a broken truck, you’ll need to be able to lift heavy equipment, tools and machinery. As such, your physical fitness is a critical factor to consider.

General Technical Skills

You also need to have general technical skills and knowledge. The maintenance crew often has to work with a variety of tools, materials, and machinery.

Mining maintenance is a very hands-on career, and the broader your general interest is, the better you’ll perform at the job.

A Safety-First Attitude

At Swick, we will provide you with the training required to complete your daily tasks safely. You will also need to obtain a Senior First Aid certificate.

A responsible and sober attitude is of utmost importance when seeking a job as a maintenance worker.

Other General Requirements

When applying for a job with us at Swick, you will need to be able to meet the following criteria:

  • Have working/living rights in Australia
  • Pass a Police Clearance
  • Undergo a pre-employment medical
  • Have a current Drivers Licence

How Much Do Mining Maintenance Jobs Generally Pay?

Maintenance jobs in Australia are one of the industry’s top-paying jobs. For instance, a mechanical fitter can expect to get paid around $46 an hour, or $89,700 a year.

On the other hand, a mechanic working on mine sites can expect to earn about $38.18 an hour, or on average, $74,448 per year.

If you prefer reporting, organising and planning, you may want to become a team leader or superintendent maintenance chief. Maintenance team leaders earn $49.48 an hour, which adds up to $96,492 a year.

Naturally, your previous experience, project work, and training may influence your initial salary.

Swick Mining Services offers competitive salaries as well as bonus incentives and employee benefits.

Apply For A Maintenance Job At Swick

If you have the necessary maintenance skills, then get in touch to find out about our maintenance jobs. Once you sign that maintenance role contract with Swick, you’ll be in a great position to further your skills and advance your career in the mining industry while making a great living.

At Swick in Western Australia, we have plenty of new jobs waiting for the perfect candidate. If you’re willing to put in the hours and the effort, you’re sure to strike gold!

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