Underground diamond drilling

The diamond drilling experts

Swick Mining Services has been delivering safe, innovative, high performing and cost effective diamond core drilling solutions to the global mining industry since 2004.

We specialise in the recovery of core, and we’re proud to say during our time we’ve clocked well over 10 million metres of core diamond drilled, from our grassroots mineral exploration projects.

Innovation at its core

We’ve come a long way since we built our first industry leading mobile drill rig. We’ve raised productivity through the roof for our clients, with state of the art rigs that allow hole set-ups to be completed in minutes instead of hours, and rig moves that can be carried out within hours as opposed to days. It’s these kinds of innovations that has enabled our underground division to experience rapid growth, and gain status as a global leader in underground diamond drilling.

We’re constantly looking at ways to increase productivity and reduce costs for our clients. From handheld PDAs that allow our drill crews instant access to information while working on a rig, to our electronically controlled world class training system, our in-house engineers are committed to continuously enhancing our equipment and how we operate.

Right gear for the job

With the most advanced and reliable equipment in the industry, we offer a range of versatile exploration drilling rigs designed to meet your various requirements and needs, specific to the underground environment.

Our highly experienced drilling technicians meticulously maintain equipment to ensure the safest and most efficient performance.


We maintain a global fleet of 72 underground diamond drills, which have been field tested to withstand the toughest conditions.

More specifically our equipment, provide unmatched performance capabilities in:

  • Mobility in an underground mining application
  • Underground Grade Control
  • Deep Hole Exploration target drilling
  • Directional Drilling (On Target, Everytime)
  • 360* drilling capability
  • Enables all standard core sizes to a depth of more than 1,500 metres while remaining versatile for shallow grade control drilling

Safety above all else

For us, safety always comes first. No matter the scope of the project we’re delivering, we comply with the strictest safety regulations, which ensures the safety of our people and others remains top of mind and is never compromised.

Our international footprint

Our underground drilling expertise is sought after worldwide with dedicated offices in Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) and Elko, Nevada (USA). We maintain a long list of established clients throughout North America such as Rio Tinto, Barrick, Newmont, Vale and Glencore, as well as Portugal and Spain. Here we concentrate on delivering:

Underground definition and infill drilling programs


Underground RC drilling programs and RC pre-collars

Hole surveying services

Underground exploration drilling programs

Core Orientations

Underground Infrastructure and Service Bore Holes to 10"

Core sizes range from AQ to PQ

Underground geotechnical drilling programs

Triple Tube core extraction

Underground grouting services

Depths to 6,068 ft (BQ)

Underground High Flow drilling programs

High Pressure water drilling programs