training program

Building your capabilities

Our progressive global training program will arm you with a practical understanding, and the basic experience required to succeed as a new crew member on one of our drill sites.

From Day 1, we will help unleash your potential with intensive job-specific training from our dedicated trainers who will guide you through each critical aspect of your job.

State of the art training facility

Our purpose built training facility incorporates the latest innovations through hands on practical training, designed to simulate realistic conditions faced when working on a rig.

It allows new starters to begin their training in a safe and controlled environment, and provides them with a level of confidence and competence to ensure they can carry out work safely in the field.

A typical training day

Each training day lasts for 12 hours – just like a usual shift on site. During this time trainees learn the basic skills required to become an Offsider, which includes:

  • Setting up a drill site
  • Correct rod handling techniques and use of hand tools
  • Tube emptying techniques
  • Conducting basic servicing and pre starts
  • Carrying out workplace inspections and hazard reporting
  • Isolation and tagging Core presentation Use of survey and orientation tools

A series of theoretical assessments also accompanies the practical training. Once new crew members successfully complete their initial training, they are sent to the drill site to continue their introduction to the industry, via site based programs.

Swick Training Program

safety is always #1

For all our people, safety is paramount, which means not only do we work safely, we proactively contribute to safer workplaces. This thinking is built into our training through our dedicated Safety and Project Implementation Technical Trainers (PITT) teams.

Certificate in Mineral Drilling Exploration

We are proud to partner with a registered training organisation to support trainees in completing their National Certificate in Mineral Drilling Exploration RII20913. We currently have over 100 trainees undertaking this accredited course.

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