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Our Services


Drilling services

The equipment, drillers, response times and results of tomorrow – today.

We focus our energy on building the skilled people, equipment and outcomes to improve the safety and productivity of mining assets around the world.

Our drilling services include:

  • Underground Diamond Drilling
  • Underground Grade Control Drilling
  • Underground Infrastructure Drilling
  • Underground RC Drilling Programs
  • Underground High Flow Drilling Programs

Delivering outcomes

Drilling operations are under pressure. Efficiency is crucial to deliver the outcomes you need. Only best-in-class equipment can be trusted to deliver.

Shaping the next generation of drillers

Our people are our most important asset. We find and invest in the experience of passionate underground drillers, building the skills you’ll need.

Reaching greater depths

The power of the DeepEX division is a purpose-built Swick drill rig and the expertise of a specialist drilling crew to drill beyond 2000m.